Unsettled is a travel community of professionals who embrace the unknown and value meaningful connections. It’s for those who see the lines between work and play not as boundaries, but as sources of inspiration, creativity, and excitement. We’ve helped more than 2,500 people from over 80 countries, of all backgrounds and identities, break their routines.


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Upcoming Experiences

Unsettled Sailing: Bahamas

Exumas, Bahamas

December 9 - 16 2023

1 week

Unsettled Sailing: Bahamas

1 week out of the office, offline, and offshore.


Unsettled: Patagonia

Bariloche, Argentina

March 2 - 16 2024

2 weeks

Unsettled: Patagonia

A two-week alpine experience to work remotely from and explore Argentina's Patagonia.


Unsettled: Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

March 10 - April 6 2024

1 month

Unsettled: Guatemala

Work remotely from the quaint town of Antigua on weekdays and explore volcanoes, Lake Atitlán, and this diverse nation on weekends!


Unsettled Sailing: Tahiti

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

April 27 - May 4 2024

1 week

Unsettled Sailing: Tahiti

Unsettled Sails French Polynesia


Unsettled: Bali

Bali, Indonesia

May 12 - June 9 2024

1 month

Unsettled: Bali

Working from “home” will never be the same…


The Unsettled Lifestyle Incubator

London, United Kingdom

January 31 - February 27 2024

1 month

The Unsettled Lifestyle Incubator

An unconventional and interactive 4-week virtual retreat that helps you answer the question "What's next for you?" with purpose.



How We Live & Travel

We co-create remarkable experiences for independent professionals who refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure.

Unsettled’s travel experiences are designed for those who seek greater freedom, independence and mobility in life and work. Each one-week adventure, two-week creative break, or one month co-working retreat is an unexpected adventure of a lifetime, crafted to break your routine and inspire new perspectives while still allowing you to stay active and productive.

In each destination, we provide the essentials you need to feel connected, comfortable, and collaborative: accommodations, workspace, local experts, curated local experiences, workshops, and an exceptionally diverse community.


A Co-Created Journey

We believe that the best experiences are not passively consumed, but actively co-created. Unsettled experiences are not “guided” in the traditional sense, but facilitated and curated in a way that leaves us open to new perspectives, ideas, conversations and challenges that open space for possibility in our life and work.

Each experience combines elements of personal growth, lifestyle experimentation, productivity and adventure into one incredible journey into the unknown.

There are no age limits. No job requirements. No resumes needed. As long as you’re not an asshole, you’ll fit right in.  

What Does Living Unsettled Look Like?

This is your experience. On our retreats, we provide a platform for meaningful conversations and unique local experiences, but keep the structure lite and you fill in the rest. You live like a local, finding balance between being productive and exploring. Everything is optional, and you can plug in as much or as little as you need.

In any given week living Unsettled, you can expect a calendar filled with unique experiences curated by our local team, peer-to-peer workshops and themed conversations,  facilitated sessions, family-style meals, happy hours, and plenty of free time to work, learn, or explore as you wish. Most nights, participants rotate hosting & cooking group dinners, or exploring the local spots so that everyone gets equal opportunities to create an experience through food and conversation.

A Day In The Life Unsettled…

There’s always an adventure to be had. Here’s what one of your days could look like:



Wake up and grab a coffee. It’s still quiet around the house. Hopefully, you meditate, journal, read, or do almost anything besides look at your phone immediately.



You grab breakfast at home or at a nearby coffee shop with a few friends; everyone is moving at their own pace in the morning. Or, perhaps you decide to hit a local yoga / fitness class. If you’re in Bali, maybe a surf lesson 


9:30am – 12:30pm

You check your inbox and calendar, and you realize that you have some time on your hands. You grab a friend, and go visit that market everyone’s been talking about. You get an early lunch, and then head back to the house to grab your stuff.


1pm – 8pm

You open your laptop and go “heads down” for a couple of hours to #getshitdone. A fellow participant is hosting a workshop on website design at 2pm, and your experience leader is hosting one on Ikigai (a Japanese philosophy around finding purpose) at 5pm. You skip the first workshop, but decide to join the second.



Group dinner. Two participants  just made a delicious fish for the group that combines a local catch with traditional cooking techniques. They lead a group conversation at dinner about balancing love and work life. You admit to loving the food and your work at least as much as anyone in your life at this moment.

Upcoming Departure: Unsettled Bahamas Dec 9 - 16, 2023.

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