Unsettled’s Updated 2021 Travel Policies & Precautions

No messing around: Unsettled is committed to returning back to travel, slowly, safely, and confidently.

We believe that when we all do our part, we can do anything together. This is, in fact, the very foundation of what it means to live Unsettled — to co-create a world of possibilities by working with a community of your peers. It’s how we’ve run 100% of all of our experiences to date, and it’s why we feel perfectly suited to return to travel starting today. 

Unsettled’s 2021 Travel Policies are found here and cover our updated policies on payments, transfers, and refunds. Our Travel Precautions can be found here, and these cover the precautions and requirements taken by both Unsettled and participants. Here is how they apply for our upcoming sailing destinations: 

  • Do your part: Get vaccinated. We strongly, strongly encourage all participants to get vaccinated at least two weeks before their trip start date. We will be doing so ourselves! We set our first travel dates of 2021 after assessing the pace of COVID vaccination distribution.
  • Do your part: Upon arriving at our location, all participants will be required to take and pass a COVID-19 test and show results before meeting up with our group. We will share a list of testing sites with you before our travels.  
  • Do your part: All participants are required to mask up and social distance when we are outside of our community. All participants will be required to follow and respect local ordinance on wearing masks, social distancing, allowance of group sizes, etc. with no leeway given when we are in public places.  

Unsettled will be doing our part as well.

  • We will share testing sites and update local ordinances.
  • We will arrange for delivery of food, drinks, and other needs for our participants to avoid frequent trips to local markets 
  • Our trips will remain small.
  • Our cancelation and refund policy are more flexible than ever

You can read our latest precautions and efforts here.

When we all do our part, we can do anything together. At Unsettled, this has been a part of our foundational values since day 1, and we call it co-creation. This is what allows us to return to travel!

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Unsettled’s Updated 2021 Travel Policies & Precautions