Arusha, Tanzania·September 27 - October 11 2024

Unsettled: Tanzania

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Work Remotely in Tanzania

Unsettled: Tanzania is a two-week remote work program in the heart of East Africa. Our base is a rural homestead just outside Arusha, Tanzania, the gateway to Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, Arusha National Park, Tarangire National Park, and many more cultural and conservation areas. During the week, we live in two houses on our private property - surrounded by gardens with room to spread out. Our homes are off-grid (solar) and set up for working remotely with fast internet and desks in each room to be productive. On the weekends, we Safari. We'll go on Safaris in the morning. Safari at night. Walking safaris. We'll stay overnight in a lodge and camp in the bush for a night. This is an extraordinary way to work remotely from one of the most incredible ecosystems on earth.

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Arusha, Tanzania


14 nights


From $3450

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September 27 - October 11 2024

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The Unsettled Experience

From time to time, you'll hear us say, "The Unsettled Experience”. Here's what we mean by that:

Unsettled does more than guide people down a trail in the wilderness. 

Before you ever hop on a plane, we meet online (in the interactive Unsettled style) and walk through an adventure-inspired workshop. 

While you're on your trip, we have a series of dinners and discussions designed to guide you on a unique journey. The goal is to get you to step outside of your routine, expand your perspective, and articulate what calls you, inspires, and engages you in this world. 

Many alumni say continuing the purpose-driven journey through our workshops and community engagement is the best part. As an Unsettled alumni, you can join our quarterly meetups and workshops online with our community from around the world.

A week in the life




The Adventure

This Unsettled trip is for an active lifestyle.

You love to hike, work out, and try new things, but don't worry, we're not climbing Mt Everest. 

Most days you can expect to hike 3 - 4 hours. You'll carry a daypack with water, some extra clothes, and snacks. We'll transport your luggage to our next hotel so you don't have to carry it all.

We'll spend a "rest day" taking a break from trekking, but options abound for adventures. We're planning Via Ferrata (climbing routes with fixed steel cables) and e-bike adventures when we're not trekking between valleys!


The Huts

Don't let us fool you, these aren't what you think of when you think of a mountain hut. We're staying in 3 and 4-star hotels set in idyllic mountain valleys and villages.  

A few of these even have pools, spas, and saunas to relax after a long day hiking, climbing, or biking. 

So don't let us fool you, we may call them huts, but it's not a log cabin in the woods.


The Unsettled Experience

You'll hear us say "The Unsettled Experience" from time to time. Here's what we mean... 

Unsettled does more than guide people down a trail in the mountains. 

We start connecting participants going to the Dolomites with us well before you arrive. We'll meet up online, get to meet each other, and walk through an adventure-inspired workshop together. 

While you're on the trip, we have a series of dinners, workshops, and discussions that help each participant step back from their daily grind and find perspective on what calls us, inspires us, and engages us in work and life. 

And it continues after your travels. You join the Unsettled alumni group where we host quarterly meetups, workshops, and discussions online with our community from around the world.

What's Included

Unsettled provides...

All accommodations in 3 and 4 star hotels (shared accommodations - $300 upgrade available for private rooms)

All breakfasts, lunch on 4 out of 7 days, and 3 dinners included

A guide, who is our local expert as well as a community facilitator who runs The Unsettled Experience

Daily briefings, maps, and an app to track your progress along the route

Via Ferrata tickets and rental equipment

Bike or e-bike rentals included for one afternoon

Luggage transportation from hut to hut

The Dolomites

Hut-to-Hut Trekking

Journey on foot through this awe-inspiring landscape, trekking from one Italian village to another. Our path winds through pristine National Parks, mountain valleys, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and boutique hotel "huts" off the beaten path. We see every moment as an opportunity for adventure, whether hiking or climbing or connecting with nature and fellow travelers.

The Dolomites


Unsettled: Dolomites is a multi-sport adventure trip through Italy's Dolomites mountains. 

Most days, we hike from one village and hotel to the next. This requires you to be in shape well enough to hike for 3 - 4 hours, several days in a row. The routes are considered moderate difficulty as an average day may cover approximately 10 - 12 kilometers and 500 meters in elevation gain. You only carry day packs, as we will transport your luggage from hotel to hotel.

You will need a base level of fitness to join this trip. For example, if you can hike for 3+ hours out on a mountain trail at a moderate pace, you're in the right place.

The trip is fully guided, and a good mix between a supported adventure and self-sufficiency. Most people on an Unsettled retreat are mid-career professionals with vast interests. Our average age of participants is mid-30s to mid-50s. We are a diverse community by profession, ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, language, and more. The clear expectation is that everyone who joins is respectful of differences of diversity. We will not tolerate any form of prejudice or aggression towards individuals. This is a vacation for everyone after all, and everyone deserves adventure, growth, and connection in their lives! 

We've hosted CEOs and entrepreneurs, artists and designers, and people who are active, even experts, in everything from transcendental meditation to CrossFit, from Bikram yoga to kiteboarding, and from diving to flying. On any given day, however, most of us are content hanging out with each other, exploring new places, and trying new things. 

Since thinking big about our work and careers is one of the organizing principles of Unsettled, many participants are high achievers who organize major conferences, run businesses, or are recognized experts in their field. We have a lot of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts on our trips.

So if you're in shape and looking to expand your perspective with a diverse community of professionals, apply today! 

This trip is already primed to be one of our fastest-selling trips. The first set of dates were virtually sold during a pre-release sale.  

After you apply, we will email you an itinerary with the starting location and dates that are available! 

Unsettled: Tanzania

Tanzania· September 27 - October 11 2024· 14 nights


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