Cusco, Peru, Peru·July 19 - 27 2024

Unsettled: Peru

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An epic adventure deep into the Peruvian Amazon & The Sacred Valley.

Meet Unsettled's newest 9-day adventure, where the wildness of the Amazon Rainforest meets the wonders of the Sacred Valley. This journey starts by exploring the "Mother of God" region of the Peruvian Amazon, a region of the rainforest accessible only by boat. Each day is a perfect blend of adventure and reflection: We journey through the jungle by boat, embark on interpretive hikes and canopy tours with our guides, and participate in evening discussions unraveling the mysteries of the rainforest and our place within the intricate web of life. The journey then transitions to the Sacred Valley to experience Incan archaeological sites and some of Peru’s best day hikes. Finally, our experience culminates with a day exploring Machu Picchu before we return to Cusco to wrap it all up. We stay in boutique hotels and ecolodges each night in the Amazon and Sacred Valley, making this a comfortable expedition into the unknown. Notes on pricing: On May 1st, prices increase by $100 USD.

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Cusco, Peru, Peru


8 nights


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July 19 - 27 2024

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The Unsettled Experience

From time to time, you'll hear us say, "The Unsettled Experience”. Here's what we mean by that:

Unsettled does more than guide people down a trail in the wilderness. 

Before you ever hop on a plane, we meet online (in the interactive Unsettled style) and walk through an adventure-inspired workshop. 

While you're on your trip, we have a series of dinners and discussions designed to guide you on a unique journey. The goal is to get you to step outside of your routine, expand your perspective, and articulate what calls you, inspires, and engages you in this world. 

Many alumni say continuing the purpose-driven journey through our workshops and community engagement is the best part. As an Unsettled alumni, you can join our quarterly meetups and workshops online with our community from around the world.

Unsettled: Peru Highlights



The region of the Amazon we travel into is known in Spanish as “The Mother of God.” It’s one of the most biologically important ecosystems on the planet, and it’s only accessible by boat. Our first 4 days in Peru are action-packed as we travel upriver to our eco-lodges, far off the grid, to explore and adventure in the Amazon.



Our trip culminates with a day in "The Sanctuary" at Machu Picchu, which takes a train, bus, and some hiking to get to. It's as breathtaking as in your dreams.



Lunch & learns. Peer-to-peer workshops. Family-style dinners. Themed conversations & discussions. Curated events & local mixers. It's the perfect backdrop to your travels through Peru.



Our journey in Peru takes us to the enchanting peaks of the Andes as well as the Sacred Valley. As we hike through this breathtaking region, we'll follow ancient trails that lead us to awe-inspiring mountains, archaeological wonders, and indigenous villages. Pack your hiking boots and prepare your legs and lungs!



Nestled amidst the majestic Andes mountains, Cusco is steeped in rich history and vibrant culture, once the capital of the Inca Empire. We begin and end our journey here, and it turns out to be one of our more underrated places to spend time in Peru!

What's Included

Unsettled provides...

8 nights of lodging in shared accommodations across all locations all week

Breakfast 8 days, lunch 8 days, and dinner 5 out of 8 nights

All ground transportation, boats in the Amazon, the train to and from Machu Picchu, and all transportation around the Sacred Valley

Domestic flights from Lima to the Amazon and to Cusco. Our trip begins in Lima and ends in Cusco.

All fees for national parks, hikes, Machu Picchu, etc.

English speaking naturalist, taking you on daily treks, canoe trips, and night walks, and much more.

A curated community of diverse, like-minded peers from around the world who hold a wealth of experience far deeper than their careers.

A fully dedicated team of experience leaders and local experts who challenge your perspective and support your exploration, growth, and adventures.

A curated calendar of events with community sessions, dinner parties, happy hours, local experiences and classes, peer-to-peer and facilitated workshops, excursions, and more.

The Unsettled experience, that we curate on each of our journeys into the unknown, to explore how we find symmetry in our work and lives.

There will be optional activities that you can take part in that carry extra costs.

You cover your flight into Lima, where we meet, and out of Cusco, where we end the trip. There are 3 dinners not included. Drinks, alcohol, and snack food isn't included.

Your experience

The Unsettled: Peru Journey

This is a 9-day trip to our favorite parts of Peru, where you'll go deep into the Amazon, high into the Andes for some of the region's most impressive hikes, and across the Inca empire's incredible sites and history. 

We meet you in Lima and fly as a group (domestic flights included) to the Amazon region known as "Mother of God". Here we take a boat upriver to our lodge. We spend our days exploring the rivers, wildlife, lakes, and local farms. From the Amazon, we return by flight (included) to Cusco and explore Peru's Sacred Valley for several days with hikes, local meals, Machu Picchu, and stay in boutique hotels along the way.

The Amazon

To access the Amazon in Peru, we use Puerto Maldonado, which puts us off the more popular destinations and in the heart of a truly wild area that didn't even have a highway connecting it to the rest of Peru until recently. 

Our lodge in the Amazon is remote, down to the essentials, but comfortable. It's an hour-long boat ride up the Madre de Dios river. All food is included and served 'family style' with dinner bell and all. There's a pool, hiking trails, and kayaks (water flow dependent), and we hop onto a long boat each day to go explore somewhere new.

The Sacred Valley

When we depart the Amazon, we head deep into The Sacred Valley. We’ll stay in the Sacred Valley for the next 4 nights. We’ll list some treasures in the Sacred Valley, including the Maras Salt Mines, the terraces of Ollantaytambo, and indigenous villages along the Urubamba River. 

We'll set out on a day hike to a lesser-visited site “Little Cusco” that has left many travelers proclaiming it as one of their all-time favorite hikes. And, of course, no trip to Peru's Sacred Valley is complete without a pilgrimage to Machu Picchu.

As our adventure comes to a close, we return to Cusco, a charming city, for a relaxing evening to wrap up this epic journey.

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You are responsible for flying to Lima, Peru. Your Unsettled team will meet you at Lima's International Airport (Jorge Chávez International Airport) at 7:30 am on Friday, July 19th.

We meet at the airport because we have a morning flight from Lima to the Amazon on the morning of July 19th. This domestic flight is included in your trip, so all you have to do is meet as at Jorge Chávez International Airport by 7:30 am.

Our trip ends in Cusco, Peru on the morning of July 27th. You can stay on in Cusco, or fly onwards from Cusco. When booking your flight, be sure your flight into Peru arrives in Lima and your departure flight home begins in Cusco and takes you home or to your next destination. 

The boundaries between work, life, and travel are becoming blurred, fundamentally changing how we live today. Unsettled brings together groups of travelers and professionals from around the world for uniquely co-created experiences. Our adventures are designed to break your routine and inspire a renewed sense of growth, meaning, and adventure through transformational travel and peer-to-peer learning.

Most people on an Unsettled retreat are professionals in their 30s to 50s with vast interests and deep curiosity. This isn't a post-college party trip. We are a thoughtful, social bunch.

We've hosted CEOs and entrepreneurs, artists and designers, and people who are active, even experts, in everything from transcendental meditation to CrossFit, from Bikram yoga to kiteboarding, and from diving to flying. On any given day, however, most of us are content hanging out with each other, exploring new places, and trying new things.

Since thinking big about our work and careers is one of the organizing principles of Unsettled, many participants are high achievers who organize major conferences, run businesses, or are recognized experts in their field. We have a lot of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts on our trips.

All of this being said, it's not required to be working on something or have a "professional CV" in order travel with us. 

At Unsettled, we truly focus on building retreats full of dynamic people who have much more to offer to the group than just work experience. These experiences are social by definition, and so one of our main qualifications is to look for people who share some simple principles:

  • Open to spending time with people from different cultures with different value sets
  • Curious about the people and the world around them
  • Inclusive, interested in, and respectful of diversity 

As soon as you pay your deposit, your spot for the trip is secured. This deposit remains refundable for 10 days following your payment, subject to a $100 administrative fee. There are no refunds after that. Should you need to transfer your payment to another trip, you can do so up to 45 days before the start date of your trip, also incurring a $100 administrative fee. Please note that there are no transfers available if there are fewer than 45 days remaining before your trip's start date. 

Unsettled: Peru

Peru· July 19 - 27 2024· 8 nights


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