Bali, Indonesia·May 12 - June 9 2024

Unsettled: Bali

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Working from “home” will never be the same…

Dreaming of working remotely from Bali in 2024? Our 1-month trips for remote workers are back! We're spending 30 days living, working remotely, and exploring the best of Bali. Join us if ... You work remotely. Are ready for an adventure. Have been dreaming about Bali. Gravitate towards diverse communities of creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and more. The wisdom of Bali is accessible to anyone willing to open themselves up to it. Even the ten-minute walk from your villa to the coworking space down the street is replete with spiritual significance. Bali is more than a destination; it's a way of life. Could Bali be the place for you? We have 1,000 alumni who have been through this experience who think the answer is a "yes". Notes on pricing: On April 15th, prices increase by $100 USD.

Retreat Overview


Bali, Indonesia


28 nights



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May 12 - June 9 2024SOLD OUT

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The Community & Experience

Unsettled is a community for those who refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure. We bring together creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, and the intellectually curious who seek to replace routine with adventure. You will share this retreat with like-minded peers who hold a wealth of experience far deeper than just their careers and join our growing community of Unsettled alumni spread out over 80 countries around the world.

Read what Unsettled alumni are saying about their experience.

This experience is about you. It’s about taking an intentional break from your routine, finding new perspective, building new relationships, growing new ideas, and exploring with intention among an incredible backdrop of people and place. We provide housing, workspace, and an unforgettable experience filled with regular dinner parties, peer-to-peer workshops, happy hours, and excursions.

Unsettled: Bali Highlights



You’ll have 24/7 coworking space access, at a beautiful space with skype booths, a balcony overlooking the jungle, two pools, and excellent fruit bowls.



Explore the nearby Gili Islands or dive Nusa Dua, learn to surf, hike a volcano at sunrise, wander the rice paddies, and tour the island with a mini scooter gang.



Lunch & learns. Peer-to-peer workshops. Family-style dinners. Themed conversations & discussions. Curated events & local mixers.



Sign up for daily yoga, run through the rice paddies in the morning mist, and splurge on $10 massages and incredibly healthy local food.



Take local batik painting classes, explore Bali’s endless temples, meditation centers, full moon ceremonies and mystic healers.

A day in the life




By day ...

There’s always an adventure to be had. Here’s what one of your days could look like:

7:30am: Wake up and grab a coffee. It’s still quiet around the villa. You're challenging yourself this month to wake up and meditate or journal instead of checking your phone first thing.

8:30am: You grab breakfast at a nearby coffee shop and hit a local yoga class. 

9:30am – 1:30pm: You check your calendar, and you realize that you have some time on your hands. You visit that market everyone’s been talking about, then you grab an early lunch while working remotely from a cafe for a couple of hours.

1:30pm – 6pm: You open your laptop and go “heads down” for a couple of hours to #getshitdone. Your Unsettled experience leader is hosting a workshop on a Japanese philosophy around finding your purpose at 5pm.


By night ...

7pm - 9pm: Two participants just made a delicious meal. They lead a group conversation at dinner about balancing love and work life. You admit to loving the food at least as much as anyone in your life at the moment.

9pm – 11pm: You have a few more work tasks you want to finish off today, so you find a quiet group of 5 or 6 people working at the villa and you finish out your work for the day. 

11pm: You and a few participants decide to finish the evening with a beer or two hanging around the pool. After a nightcap, you go to bed tired, well-nourished, and ready to do it all over tomorrow.

What's Included

Unsettled provides...

Private rooms with en suite bathrooms in our Balinese villa

A curated community of diverse, like-minded peers from around the world who hold a wealth of experience far deeper than their careers.

A fully dedicated team of experience leaders and local experts who challenge your perspective and support your exploration, growth, and adventures.

A curated calendar of events with community sessions, dinner parties, happy hours, local experiences and classes, peer-to-peer and facilitated workshops, excursions, and more.

Breakfast is included daily as well as a few community lunches and dinners.

+ all the little extras: Local SIM card & airport pickups upon arrival, location guides and logistics, and plenty of surprises.

The Unsettled program is a series of workshops and conversations designed to spark introspection and inspiration that'll help you lean into your values, find meaning, and life differently. Unsettled lead; peer-driven.

Coworking membership 24/7 for a $20 nominal fee.

The experience


Our Bali villa is a tranquil space for reflection, recharging, and communal gatherings. With an outdoor pool, communal kitchen and dining area, onsite staff, restaurant, and within walking distance of our coworking space and central Ubud, it’s the ideal place to call home for the month. Each room has a private, ensuite bathroom, and is designed for comfort.


You will have 24/7 access to a nearby coworking space with stunning views, ample space, air conditioning, private call, and conference rooms, and multiple terraces and pools to sit and work from. There are three different internet systems to help guarantee productivity.


There's always an adventure to be had. From late-night dinner conversations and weekend island hoping to volcano hikes and facilitated workshops, your Unsettled Bali experience opens you to endless opportunities for growth, connection, and inspiration.  

What Our Community Says...


Being Unsettled for the last 30 days has felt liberating. It’s about opening up to a whole range of new possibilities, saying yes to new experiences, and not setting expectations that limit your growth.

Rima Bazzi | Entrepreneur & Coach


An Unsettled trip is like venturing into the unknown. You have no idea how the experience or people you’ll meet will be… but that unknown proved to be a very rewarding experience. You’ll leave Unsettled richer. Richer in the memories you create and the connections you make. Worth every minute.

Lesibane Mohale | Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather


Unsettled, the kind of experience you can't really explain to someone unless they have done it themselves. Step out of your comfort zone, and just do it! " Damn, I really shouldn't have done that Unsettled month," said no-one ever!

Annette Muller | Founder at Flexyforce

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Add Ons

Nominal fee for unlimited Coworking Space



The boundaries between work, life, and travel are becoming blurred, fundamentally changing how we live today. Unsettled brings together groups of travelers and professionals from around the world for uniquely co-created experiences. Each one-week, two-week, or one month retreat is designed to break your routine and inspire a renewed sense of growth, meaning and adventure through transformational travel and peer-to-peer learning.

Whether you're working full time, or going through an intentional career transition, our retreats are designed to help you break out of your routine and explore a new destination with an incredible group of peers.

Each destination and experience is different, however most one-month and two-week experiences include comfortable and centrally located accommodations, a coworking space, full-time staff dedicated to lead your experience, a productivity-driven environment, regular dinner parties and themed conversations, peer-to-peer workshops, curated events, epic adventures, spontaneous activities and hopefully one of the best experiences of your life. Our one-week experiences are more adventure driven, whether urban or nature focused -- and you can explore what each trip holds by visiting that particular retreat page.

You can learn more on Our Experience page.

Yes! In fact, most of the time while away is up to you. The Unsettled experience is your experience, don't forget! We create just enough structure so that you can plug into the different activities, workshops, and connect with people as you wish.

Nothing is required, and everything is voluntary; however, we do look for people who contribute, and highly recommend that you do. Typically, the more you put into your experience, the more you get out. Our role is to provide a platform so you are informed and can participate as you like.

Most days are unstructured work days, exploration days or adventure days (whatever your current activity!) You can work from our central coworking space, a coffee shop, the beach or a park, depending on the destination if you need to. Or, you can go explore with other participants to places we recommend or discover your own new secret spots. We tend to have a fixed family-style group dinner once a week where everyone can check in and catch up with each other, as well as numerous other dinners, events, activities and surprises throughout each week that everyone is welcome to join. You never know the kind of inspiration that can come through connecting with a community, so be sure to try and take advantage of it while you're able.

For our two-week retreats, these are focused a bit less on work, and much more around living in the moment for the two weeks you are there. Our two-week trips are specifically built to give you a personalized community experience -- one where you can sync up daily with a group of fellow participants, opt in or opt out of a shared calendar of cool happenings, and live alongside us as we visit the world's most vibrant cultural capitals or natural wonders.

Most people on an Unsettled retreat are professionals with multidimensional personalities and vast interests. This isn’t a post-college party trip. Our average age of participants is mid 30’s to mid 40’s, but we’ve hosted folks of all ages. Living Unsettled is truly ageless.

We’ve hosted remote works from all backgrounds, artists and designers, first-time entrepreneurs and professionals who are transitioning into new careers. You’ll find people with all kinds of passion from food and wine, transcendental meditation to CrossFit, Bikram yoga to kiteboarding, and diving to flying. On any given day, however, most of us are content hanging out with each other, exploring new places, and trying new things.

As soon as you pay your deposit, your spot for the trip is secured. This deposit remains refundable for 10 days following your payment, unless you pay within 45 days (no transfers or refunds within 45 days), subject to a $100 administrative fee. Should you need to transfer your payment, you can do so up to 45 days before the start date of your trip, also incurring a $100 administrative fee, and must use your credit within 12 months (void afterward). Please note that neither refunds nor transfers are available if there are fewer than 45 days remaining before your trip's start date. Additionally, all participants are required to obtain travel insurance. This insurance must cover trip cancellation or interruption, including cancellations made by you, as well as provide for emergency evacuation and international health insurance coverage throughout the duration of your travel with Unsettled.

It's best to arrive on the start date of your retreat, or a day or two before. Our accommodations are not open early, but there are plenty of hotels that you can stay at before the retreat begins. 

It takes place in Ubud, located in the heart of the island, an hour away from the beach.

Yes. Unsettled Bali includes breakfast at two cafes we work with everyday of the month. Unsettled also takes care of a welcome dinner, a farewell dinner, a few lunches, and a weekly dinner on site. In general, plan to take care of your lunches and dinners throughout the month. A typical lunch around Ubud can go for $5-$10. Dinner can go from $5-$50, depending on if you are eating local or at a name brand western hotel.

Yes! We have a series of local adventures planned for the month that will be included as part of the program. These adventures are aimed to connect you with local culture by exploring some of Bali’s hidden gems. However, Unsettled is all about co-creation, so we encourage you to create and plan for your own adventures as you are there and we will be there supporting you to make them happen!

All the rooms have a private bathroom, A/C and  a mini fridge. 

The type of rooms mainly depend on where they are located in the villa and the type of design they’ve got. 

Both the standard and the standard plus are mostly balinese-type of rooms, with local furniture and decor, while the suites and premiums are more modern. The  main difference between the standard and the standard plus is that the latter are located above the common area and have a jacuzzi. 

Regarding size, the smaller rooms are the standard and the larger ones are the suites, with these ones being located further away from the main entrance of the villa. 

All the rooms are located around a main lawn with a pool. 

Visas (like travel tickets and insurance) are super dependent on your personal details and situation. We’ve had people from dozens of nationalities join us in Bali and visa requirements will vary from person to person, so we can’t know how visas work for every passport. It is 100% your responsibility to understand what visa type you need for your nationality. 

In general, most nationalities can get a 30-day evisa prior to departure. It is important that you check that you are eligible for this with your passport type. Your trip will be a lot smoother if your flights in and out of Bali span no more than 30 days. If you stay over 30 days, you will either have to apply for a visa extension or pay an overstay fee. For the visa extension, make sure to tell this to the passport control at entry so that they give you an extendable visa. You must initiate the visa extension process at the airport upon arrival. To complete the process, we can recommend a local professional halfway through the retreat who can help you get an extension for an extra fee. But to be clear, all things related to visas are your responsibility. 

If you are staying beyond 30 days and plan on paying the overstay fee, please note - the cost of an overstay recently increased to IDR 1,000,000/day - so factor this into your travel plans and visa needs. For some, this will make the airport visa extension the preferred option.

A transfer from the airport to Ubud is included for arrival day or one day before. We can only shuttle you from the airport to Ubud, so if you arrive early and stay on some other part of the island, you are responsible for making your way to our villa on arrival day.If you want to return to the airport to take the shuttle, please note that in the arrival survey or discuss it with the Experience Leader.


If you arrive on arrival day, the driver will take you to our villa. 


If you arrive one day before arrival day, the driver can shuttle you from the airport to your own accommodations in Ubud (see below for hotel recommendations) and then you can make your own way to the villa for Unsettled check-in on arrival day.

There are tons of options all around Ubud for you to choose from!

Here are some options people have stayed in before:

· Ubud View Bungalows 

· Putri Ayu Cottage

· Argasoka Bungalow on Monkey Forest 


All of these should cost $45 USD or less/night.

Great you asked!  When you are getting closer to the experience, we will send you a Packing List with our suggestions. 

For now, know that Bali and Ubud is a hip, laid back beach-y scene. Pack for a comfortable beach holiday, with a couple of outfits for going out (though nothing too fancy), and good sneakers for walking/trekking. Expect warm and humid to hot weather year round, and a chance of showers. Other than that, bring whatever you need to be comfortable. Most things are available in Ubud and Bali including clothing, toiletries, cosmetics, food items and so on... but be sure to bring anything you can't do without just in case. This also goes for any medicines you might need.


Keep in mind what you will need to be productive and get work done. Be sure to grab a plug adaptor so any electronics can fit Euro-style Type C plugs (2 round prongs). 

Unsettled: Bali

Indonesia· May 12 - June 9 2024· 28 nights


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