Antigua, Guatemala·March 10 - April 6 2024

Unsettled: Guatemala

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Work remotely from the quaint town of Antigua on weekdays and explore volcanoes, Lake Atitlán, and this diverse nation on weekends!

Join us for a month of living and working remotely from Antigua, Guatemala. On weekdays, you'll live and work from our charming, colonial-era accommodations. On weekends, explore the wonders of Guatemala. Take a trip to the renowned Lake Atitlán, known as the most beautiful lake in the world. Or go camping on Mount Acatenango with nighttime views of Fuego Volcano as it erupts into the nighttime sky. Antigua exudes a laid-back charm, vibrant plazas, and markets that will make you feel like a local. It's the ideal remote work destination. The weather is ideal, with highs in the 70s / mid-20s. This trip is for remote workers who are ready to change their routine, make authentic connections, and explore Guatemala.

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Antigua, Guatemala


27 nights


From $2695

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March 10 - April 6 2024

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The Community

Unsettled is a community for those who refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure. We bring together creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, and the intellectually curious who seek to replace routine with adventure. Unsettled Guatemala is for remote workers who are ready to spend a month living and working remotely from this incredible destination.

At Unsettled, our community thrives on diverse perspectives, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and identities. We extend an invitation to all who embrace these values of respect and inclusivity of others. If you're like us, you seek out diversity and want to learn, experience, and grow from it. Welcome home. 

Unsettled: Guatemala Highlights



Our lodging consists of genuine, colonial-era housing providing comfortable private rooms, ensuite bathrooms, access to a communal kitchen for family style meals, and our on-site workspace.



Our workspace, located within the same complex as our accommodations, boasts fast and reliable internet, an open floor plan, and a terrace offering volcano views. It's your ideal setting for productivity in paradise, available 24/7.



Take a trip to the renowned Lake Atitlán, hailed as the "most beautiful lake in the world." Along its shores, you'll encounter unique Mayan towns, each with its own character. Whether you're strolling the lively streets of Panajachel, joining a drum circle in Santa Cruz la Laguna, or lounging in a lakeside hammock in San Pedro, Lake Atitlán promises unforgettable experiences.



Antigua, though small, boasts undeniable charisma. Beyond its aesthetics, Antigua exudes a laid-back charm, vibrant plazas, bustling markets, and a tight-knit community that will make you feel like a fortunate local, even if only for a few weeks.

A day in the life




On A Weekday...

There’s always an adventure to be had. Here’s what one of your days could look like:

7:30am: Wake up inspired. It’s still quiet around the villa. You're challenging yourself this month to wake up and meditate or journal instead of checking your phone first thing.

8:30am: You grab a local coffee (grown in Guatemala) and a pastry at a short walk from home. You walk through your favorite market, saying 'buenos dias' to vendors who you recognize. You buy some local fruits to share back at the house.


9:30am – 12:30pm: You return home to work remotely for several hours. You're surprised at how productive you are when everyone around you is 'heads down' just like you. Your theory is that there's so much to look forward to outside of work hours that you are extra productive. 

12:30pm – 1:30pm: Group lunch and learn. The group gets together for lunch today, and there's a workshop being hosted by a finance guru in the group about investment strategies for (hopefully early) retirement. You eat a warm lunch of rice, beans, veggies, and Tamales. 

1:30pm – 4:00pm: Work session #2.

4:00pm – 7:00pm: You walk to your favorite yoga studio in town with 5 participants on the trip. Y'all chat on the way to class about how important daily movement is in your life and how you feel like you're in a great routine so far this month. 

7:00pm – 11:00pm: The day just rolls into the evening. There's a group dinner back at the villa. A few participants are combining their culinary traditions (a Mexican, a Spaniard, and a South African participant are cooking up something interesting). The group is just hanging out in the kitchen having a good time. Y'all finish dinner, clean up, and chat about your upcoming weekend plans out in the courtyard until it's bedtime. 


On A Weekend...

The weekends are open-ended so you can explore how and where you want! Here’s a typical weekend trip you might take! 


Depart from Antigua at about 3pm, with half the crew and embark on a scenic drive to Lake Atitlán. Arrive in Panajachel, the gateway to the lake, and begin the weekend with a relaxing yoga session on the shores of Lake Atitlán, surrounded by volcanoes and crystal-clear waters.

In the evening, stroll Panajachel's Calle Santander, full of night markets, charming shops, and local eateries. The group finds a local restaurant with traditional Guatemalan cuisine and enjoys good food, drinks, and company. 


Today, y’all set off on a boat tour to explore the lake and visit the indigenous villages that dot its shores. Stops include the villages of San Juan La Laguna, San Pedro La Laguna, and Santiago Atitlán. You check out a traditional weaver’s workshop, walk through endless street markets, and enjoy a farm-to-table lunch at a lakeside restaurant.

In the later afternoon, you return to Panajachel and unwind with a lakeside cocktail and relax and soak it all in.


Wake up and join a yoga class on the water. You enjoy your morning coffee with lake views before embarking on a hike that has viewpoints overlooking the lake and volcanoes. You decide to go paddleboarding out on the lake for one last swim before you depart at a decent time to enjoy Sunday evening back in Antigua. 

What's Included

Unsettled provides...

Private room in our colonial-era villa with an en-suite bathroom and communal kitchen onsite

An onsite workspace in our popup coworking site within our accommodations

A curated community of diverse, like-minded peers from around the world who hold a wealth of experience far deeper than their careers.

A fully dedicated team of experience leaders and local experts who challenge your perspective and support your exploration, growth, and adventures.

A curated calendar of events with community sessions, dinner parties, happy hours, local experiences and classes, peer-to-peer and facilitated workshops, excursions, and more.

Local SIM card upon arrival, location guides and logistics, and plenty of surprises!

Our Base

Work Remotely in Central America

Welcome to the wonderland of Guatemala. 

Our home base, Antigua, is a place where time seems to stand still and the cobblestone streets tell stories. The city is a living museum, with 17th-century churches and convents turned into exquisite showcases of art and history.

But Antigua is also a modern, bustling hub of activity. Wander through colorful markets with artisan crafts. Explore the street food, or indulge in the city's culinary delights at quaint cafés and restaurants.

As the weekend approaches, your adventure extends beyond the city's borders. Discover Guatemala's natural wonders. Hike to the summits of nearby volcanoes. Spend a weekend at Lake Atitlán and take yoga on the edge of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world or camp on a volcano. 

Join us for a month of remote work and adventure in this corner of Guatemala. What's your excuse not to?

Our Base

What Our Community Says...


Being Unsettled for the last 30 days has felt liberating. It’s about opening up to a whole range of new possibilities, saying yes to new experiences, and not setting expectations that limit your growth.

Rima Bazzi | Entrepreneur & Coach


An Unsettled trip is like venturing into the unknown. You have no idea how the experience or people you’ll meet will be… but that unknown proved to be a very rewarding experience. You’ll leave Unsettled richer. Richer in the memories you create and the connections you make. Worth every minute.

Lesibane Mohale | Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather


I met 29 incredible people from all walks of life, and found a little part of me in all of them. These people were intelligent, witty, bloody smart, beautiful, adventurous, hilarious, and full of joy. 

Shitika Anand | Freelance Journalist & Digital Content Creator


The boundaries between work, life, and travel are becoming blurred, fundamentally changing how we live today. Unsettled brings together groups of professionals from around the world for uniquely co-created experiences. Each of our retreats is designed to break your routine and inspire a renewed sense of growth, meaning, and adventure through transformational travel and peer-to-peer learning.

Each destination and experience is different, however, most one-month and two-week experiences include comfortable and centrally located accommodations, a coworking space, full-time staff dedicated to leading your experience, a productivity-driven environment, regular dinner parties, themed conversations, peer-to-peer workshops, curated events, epic adventures, spontaneous activities and hopefully one of the best experiences of your life. 

Yes! In fact, most of the time while away is up to you. The Unsettled experience is your experience, don’t forget! We create just enough structure so that you can plug into the different activities, and workshops, and connect with other participants as you wish.

This trip is designed for remote workers. This means that our main structure includes open schedules and keeping a clear itinerary during the week for everyone to be productive.

Nothing is required, and everything is voluntary; however, we do look for people who are willing to contribute to the community. Typically, the more you put into your experience, the more you get out. Our role is to provide a platform so you are informed and can participate as you like.

Most days are unstructured work days, and weekends are for exploration and adventure. You can work from our central coworking space, a coffee shop, the beach, or a park, depending on the destination if you need to. Or, you can go explore with other participants to places we recommend or discover your own new secret spots. We tend to have a fixed family-style group dinner once a week where everyone can check in and catch up with each other, as well as numerous other dinners, events, activities, and surprises throughout each week that everyone is welcome to join. You never know the kind of inspiration that can come through connecting with a community, so be sure to try and take advantage of it while you’re able.

As soon as you pay your deposit, your spot for the trip is secured. This deposit remains refundable for 10 days following your payment, unless you book within 45 days (no transfers or refunds within 45 days), subject to a $100 administrative fee. Should you need to transfer your payment, you can do so up to 45 days before the start date of your trip, also incurring a $100 administrative fee. Please note that neither refunds nor transfers are available if there are fewer than 45 days remaining before your trip's start date. Additionally, all participants are required to obtain travel insurance. This insurance must cover trip cancellation or interruption, including cancellations made by you, as well as provide for emergency evacuation and international health insurance coverage throughout the duration of your travel with Unsettled.

The retreat begins on the afternoon of March 10, 2024. We share more about arrival day 3 to 4 weeks before the retreat in a Slack group that we will open and invite you to. We recommend that you arrive on March 10 and depart on April 6, 2024

You should fly into the main international airport serving Guatemala City is La Aurora International Airport (IATA: GUA). La Aurora Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Guatemala and serves as the primary gateway for international travelers arriving in the country. It is located in the southern part of Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala.

You will make your way on your own from La Aurora to our villa in Antigua. We will share our exact location and the best options to get from the airport to our villa in Slack 3-4 weeks before the retreat. 

Unsettled: Guatemala

Guatemala· March 10 - April 6 2024· 27 nights


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